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Clash Royale Mod APK 3.3.1 [Sınırsız para]



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Clash Royale is a mobile game with elements such as real-time strategy, MOBA and cards. This game is developed by the Finnish gaming company Supercell. Clash Royale is a very exciting card game. The character in the card is based on the game Clash of Clans, which means that the character in the card is exactly the same as in the Clash of Clans. In this game, you need to get various cards, the more cards, the better. You can upgrade your cards. When you play against other players, you and your opponent can hold 8 cards. Of course, the better the card, the better. When you release the card, your card will be transformed into various special effects, the soldier will become a soldier, and then go to attack the opposite castle. When one side successfully defeated the other's castle, the war was won.

Card classification and upgrade
There are 98 kinds of cards in Clash Royale. These cards are mainly divided into four grades: ordinary, rare, epic, and legend according to quality. They are mainly divided into three categories: army, architecture, and spell. The card upgrade mode in Clash Royale is to collect the same cards to fuse and upgrade the card level. The main source of cards is to buy all kinds of treasure chests or stores obtained in the game. The treasure chests can be opened with time CDs or gems. As the card level increases, the corresponding attributes will also increase, up to a 13-level card, and 14-level cards can be copied through the 13-level mirror in the game. In addition to the cards that can be upgraded, the player level is the same as the tower level. You can gain experience by donating cards, upgrading cards, completing tasks, etc. by the tribe, and upgrade the level. Each level of the tower damage and health attribute increase, up to level 13.

General rules
1. Players can choose 8 cards from their library to form their own "playing deck". Players can save up to five sets of playing decks, and then choose a set of playing decks they want to play. 2. Click "Play" on the match interface to search for opponents. The matching system will search for other players that are close to the player's trophies. The number of cards the player has will not affect the match. 3. At the beginning of the game, the cards selected in the playing card group will randomly appear in the card slot (four cards will appear in the card slot at the same time, and the next card will appear next to the card slot), each Players will initially have 5 drops of holy water (the holy water grows with time and stores up to 10 drops of holy water). Summoning different cards will consume varying amounts of holy water 4. During the battle, drag the card and consume holy water to summon the card to the position to fight. In the early stage, it can only be summoned on the own position. If the princess tower of the enemy's two wings is pushed off, the calling range can be expanded. 5. Each position has 1 king tower and 2 princess towers, destroy 1 princess tower, get 1 crown, destroy king tower (main tower), get all 3 crowns. The maximum duration of all game modes is 5 minutes. The first and second minutes are twice the holy water, and the third and fourth minutes are twice the holy water. Overtime lasts for 2 minutes. Overtime is a sudden death mode (destroy the opponent's tower will directly win the game), the last minute of overtime will become 3 times holy water. 6.After the end of 5 minutes, enter the decisive moment: At the end of the game, the side with the lowest health of the single tower will lose the game.

Clash Royale Mod (unlimited money) apk

Game modes
Arena mode - Arena is a kind of qualifying, which wins or loses trophies through victory or defeat. The number of trophies directly affects the ranking of players and tribes. Players can increase or decrease the number of trophies through battle. A higher number of trophies can unlock a higher arena (a higher arena can unlock more cards). Each stage contains a number of trophies, and a certain number of trophies can be unlocked to receive rewards, including cards, expressions, diamonds, etc. When the player reaches the Tier 13 arena or above, the next season will be reset, that is, a portion of the cup will be deducted correspondingly next season, not zero.

Clan War - After the player joins the clan, the deputy leader or leader starts the clan war. The first day is the card collection day. Players have 3 opportunities, divided into different modes, such as: Card selection mode: each party chooses 4 cards, the highest level of cards and towers is 9. Classic deck battles: The system assigns decks, cards, and towers to level 9. 2V2 touchdown card selection mode: any team can score when they reach the opponent's touchdown zone. The cards are all level 9. Phantom Assassin's Assault: Every once in a while, Phantom Assassin ran out of the vicinity of the Royal Tower with cards and towers at level 9. The next day is the battle day. During the battle day, players can fight according to the card collection day and consume the remaining number of their own cards. The cards and defense towers are determined according to the level of the tribal battle league. After the end, the ranking is based on the number of wins of your own tribe. The higher the ranking, the higher the reward, and finally give rewards such as gold coins or card exchange randomly.

Challenge activities - Every once in a while, the official will start different challenge activities.

Tournament Mode - After the player has reached level 8, you can search and participate in nearby tournaments by tournament label or name, or create your own tournament. The cost of creating a tournament ranges from 500 gems to 250,000 gems. The more gems you spend, the more participants and rewards the tournament can accommodate. Within a limited time, players can play tournaments against players in other tournaments as many times as they want. The rules of the tournament are adopted in the tournament, that is, the level caps of the cards and the tower of the king are set. Players can watch the ongoing tournament game by clicking the "eye" icon in the tournament leaderboard. When the time of the tournament is over, all the matches are completed, and the first half of the players in the leaderboard will get a tournament chest.

Clash Royale Mod (unlimited money) apk

When the player reaches level 3, the tribe module can be unlocked. At this time, the player can join or create a tribe. The creation of the tribe requires 1,000 gold coins. There are 4 positions in the tribe: member, elder, deputy leader, leader, and each position has Different permissions. After joining the Horde, players can play "Friendly Matches" with the members of the Horde (Friendly Matches have no revenue). In the friendly rules, the King and Crown Tower levels are limited to 9, the normal cards (white cards) are limited to 9, and the rare cards (orange cards) are limited to 9. The upper limit for epic cards (purple cards) is 9, and the upper limit for legendary cards is 9 levels. Overtime will last 3 minutes. Players can also request card reinforcements from members of the same tribe. Ask the tribe members for the cards the player wants. You can request 30 or 40 white cards, 3 or 4 orange cards, 3 or 4 purple cards. Players can also donate their cards to other members. You can gain experience and gold coins by donating cards. You can only donate 1 purple card, 1 orange card, 6 or 8 white cards at a time.

Clash Royale is a novel game of anti-competitive play that combines various elements of cards and tower defenses. It is easy to master the difficult system and the continuous COC world view, style and settings are worth playing. local. Although the game is not a card game in a pure sense, the game's arms and buildings are represented in the form of cards, plus card upgrades and deck matching games also make many people directly classify the royal war as cards Games. The game's battle mode has the shadows of RTS, MOBA and tower defense on the surface, but in fact the player can really experience the real card battle games like Hearthstone and Magic in the operation. "See tricks", the mutual restraint of cards and the fun of games.

Clash Royale Mod (unlimited money)) apk

About Clash Royale MOD
Clash Royale MOD is private server mod which you can get unlimited coins and gems. You can free to open cases to get all kinds of cards include the legend card. This is private server mod game. You cannot play with official account. You can play this game with other player in the private server. Enjoy the game!

Mod Bilgisi
Para / özel sunucu Bir çok para ve kristallerin bir sürü özel sunucu.
Arenaya Gir! Clash of Clans'in yaratıcılarından Royale'ler, en sevdiğin Clash karakterleri ve kat kat fazlasının başrolde olduğu gerçek zamanlı çok oyunculu bir oyun geliyor.

Bildiğin ve sevdiğin Clash of Clans birlikleri, büyüleri ve savunmaları ile birlikte Royale'leri içeren düzinelerce kartı topla ve yükselt. Royale'ler Prensler, Şövalyeler, Yavru Ejderhalar ve daha fazlasından oluşuyor. Düşman Kral ve Prensesleri kulelerinden indirerek rakiplerini yen ve Kupalar, Taçlar ve Arenada zafer elde et. Bir Klan oluşturup kartlarını paylaş ve kendi savaş topluluğunu oluştur.

Clash Royale Ailesini zafere götür!

LÜTFEN UNUTMA! Clash Royale indirmesi ve oynaması ücretsizdir ancak bazı oyun öğeleri gerçek parayla satın alınabilir. Bu özelliği kullanmak istemiyorsan lütfen Google Play Store uygulamanın ayarlarından satın alımlar için parola koruması ayarla. Ayrıca Hizmet Koşulları ve Gizlilik Politikası uyarınca Clash Royale'yi indirmek ve oynamak için en az 13 yaşında olmalısın.

Bir ağ bağlantısı da gerektirir.

● Dünyanın her yerinden gerçek zamanlı olarak oyucularla çekiş ve onların Kupalarını al
● Ödüllerin kilidini açmak, güçlü yeni kartlar toplamak ve hâlihazırda bulunanları yükseltmek için sandık kazan
● Rakibinin kulelerini yık ve destansı Taç sandıkları kazanmak için Taç kazan
● Clash Royale Ailesi ile birlikte en sevdiğin Clash birlikleri, büyüleri ve savunmalarından oluşan kart koleksiyonu oluştur ve bunları yükselt
● Rakiplerini yenmek için nihai Savaş Destesini oluştur
● Birden fazla Arenada ilerleyerek tepeye tırman
● Bir Klan oluşturup kartlarını paylaş ve kendi savaş topluluğunu oluştur
● Klan arkadaşların ve arkadaşlarına özel çekişme ile meydan oku
● TV Royale'den en iyi çekişmeleri izleyerek farklı savaş taktikleri öğren

Sorun mu yaşıyorsun? http://supercell.helpshift.com/a/clash-royale/ veya http://supr.cl/ClashRoyaleForum adreslerini ziyaret et ya da oyun içinden Ayarlar > Yardım ve Destek üzerinden bizimle iletişime geç.

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  • 2.7.4
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    Please put that pass you can collect for free and you can open the trunks take away the fact of the new cards that you have to win the games I make cups to take them then if you can put the wars between clan 2 if you do these things the most beautiful game that exists

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